Doris Vierkötter

Bali Hoo

Doris Vierkötter was born 1968 in Leichlingen / Germany. She is a successful entrepeneur, a passionate diver and a gifted photographer. When she dives into the world below the surface, her focus changes from the big to the small. Her sense for beauty and detail free her vision fort he small and odd creatures, their bizarre beauty, their way of life and their perfect camouflage. She has the ability to focus on the details, to find the right angle, set a perfect lighting and to catch the right moment. Doris lives in the north of Bali, where she built and leads the diving resort Alam Batu.

Despite winning many awards, Doris Vierkötters pictures are still something like an insider´s Tipp. We are especially pleased that together we could select a choice of her work that wonderfully represents her special style and her sense for aesthetic.