Mission Statement


The value of photography as an art has been rising constantly over the last decades. The work of many photographers makes proceeds that are in no way inferior to their counterparts in fine art. Fashion and portrait photographers are honoured with big exhibitions.

Nature photography too is getting the status which this especially challenging form of photography deserves. The best of this trade don´t see themselves as mere documentarists anymore, but built up a reputation as photographers and artists with an own intuition. Yielding extraordinary spectacular and unique images among these is the art of underwater photography.

More and more people have the desire to own an original print of an image or a photographer they admire. In times of a seemingly endless number of images and the arbitrary access to them, the idea of the original, authenticity and the limited availability is more topical than ever.

The Sea represents the most extraordinary underwater photographers and artists from around the world. They have been travelling the seven seas, diving between Artic and Antarctic, bring to you images from Finland´s lakes and from the endless coral reefs of the South Sea. Their pictures are witness of encounters with the giants of the oceans and with bizarre creatures, barely visible to the naked eye. They show the beauty of nature and the richness of the creation. They are a manifestation of light and color, of power and vulnerability, the lust for life and the rapture of the deep.

The ocean is our passion - we are The Sea.




The Edition


Every one of our artists has an own distinctive style. Together with them we selected a series of their best images which we are offering to you in limited editions of high end prints.

The limitation guarantees the exclusiveness of your favorite photograph. Every image is only available in the number of copies stipulated for this edition - world wide.

The sales price for a copy of an edition can rise when the edition reaches the status "bestseller" (which means that more than half of the edition has been sold), or when there are only a few copies left. Thus it pays to be early.

On the back side of each print you will find our Certificate of Authenticity with the signature of the artist and the individual number of the print.


The artist may reserve the right to give away a small number of prints - usually in a significantly larger format - to museums and for exhibitions. This is in your interest, because the awareness for this image and the demand for original prints will rise.